3 Foods To Avoid For A Better Sex Life
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3 Foods To Avoid For A Better Sex Life

Titilayo Ilori

Most times, what we eat has a great effect on our sex life. That is the main reason why we must watch what we eat. Low libido is caused by so many things. These three foods must be avoided in order to have a healthy sex life:

1. Sugary food

Sugary foods can cause your blood sugar level to rise. This may have a negative effect on your blood sugar and your energy. Excess cheese also has an impact on your sex life. This tampers with the hormones, estrogen, and testosterone and causes low libido.

2. Alcohol

Excess alcohol can destroy your sex drive. It can lead to low testosterone and it can increase your estrogen levels. Alcohol can also lead to erectile problems in both men and women, which can prevent them from reaching orgasm.

3. Fried foods

As tasty as they are, you must be mindful of the way you eat fried foods because they have a great effect on your libido. Most fried foods contain trans fat and trans fat decreases the libido in both sexes and it increases abnormal sperm production in men.

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