Unilorin Student In Viral Crying Meme Shares The Story Behind The Picture

Unilorin Student In Viral Crying Meme Shares The Story Behind The Picture

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

If you're active on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms, you might have come across different memes.

Usually, social users use those memes to try and illustrate their captions or sometimes add a bit of humour to their posts.

One of the most popular memes online, especially in the Nigerian internet space is one that has a young boy crying and sweating profusely with mucus dripping from his nose.

This meme has been used by trolls for the "it will end in tears" trend and other trending hashtags online. Different edits of this photo have surfaced on the internet with no knowledge of the source.

But last month, the boy behind the popular meme revealed himself, many years after his picture became more popular than him.

Following the move to finally reveal himself after almost ten years since the picture was taken, social media users bumped on his profile asking him why he was crying that day.

Well, after resisting the urge to tell the story for many years, the young man who is now a UniIlorin student has finally shared the tale.

In a video he uploaded on his Instagram page, @Oladee_officiall, he disclosed that it was the fear of what his grandmother was going to do to him after he gambled with the money she gave him to buy garri.

Watch the video below:

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