5 Ways To Attract The Woman Of Your Dreams

5 Ways To Attract The Woman Of Your Dreams

Here are five sure tips to help you attract the woman of your dreams!


You have vowed to meet the love of your life this year, but for some reason, women do not let you get past the first conversation.

Being a man does not mean you have it easy, especially when it comes to love. It is no shame to request or seek help if you have troubles getting women attracted to you. A lot of times, though, men think it is more complicated than it really is. But it is actually quite simple! Here are five sure tips that are guaranteed to attract women:

1. Be confident

It’s not about control but about confidence. Women want to feel like they are with a man that is sure of his ability to get things done but not with a dictator. Confidence is proof that you have consciously made the right choice in life. So, a woman can trust you to help make decisions or give advice on making them.

2. Have manners

What could be worse than a person with a bad temper? A person who has bad manners. It does not matter who raised you or where you were raised. As an adult, you begin to take ownership of your decisions and utterances. A “please” and a “thank you” here and there can go a long way. Manners can be displayed in different ways; from opening the doors and pulling her chair out so she can sit to paying attention to the little details and giving compliments. If you need a girlfriend, now is not the time to be a “Marlian.”

3. Have a sense of humour

It is often said that funny guys always get the best-looking girls because they are too busy laughing with their eyes closed to see what the guy looks like. Wear your sense of humour like a second skin. Be humorous, not crass and insensitive. A great sense of humour is well-timed. Everything is in the delivery. A man who has the ability to balance the weight of serious matters with the gift of light-heartedness through laughter is indeed a catch. Knowing that when days are not so good, she’d be able to get a good laugh with you will make you more attractive.

4. Dress the way you want to be addressed

A stylish man displays confidence that has you questioning its source. It is critical that you pay attention to your appearance and take pride in the fact that you represent your partner even when she is not around. Style goes beyond clothes and can be seen in your hygiene, fragrance/scent and grooming. Being a guy with these attributes makes you more attractive.

5. Be knowledgeable

Knowledge is power. It is a powerful turn-on. Being knowledgeable about the happenings around the globe and being able to talk about it is a quality that shows that you are a part of the world. It also means your girl will confidently take you everywhere because she knows you will keep up with the conversation.

Disclaimer: These tips help you attract a girl and keep her attention for a while. It, however, does not keep the girl.

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