Cubana Chief Priest Extends His Generosity To A Single Mother
Cubana Chief Priest

Cubana Chief Priest Extends His Generosity To A Single Mother

Pearl Emmanuel

Cubana Chief Priest recently showed love and support to a single mother after she made a comment on his Instagram post.

The Yoruba mother had been ridiculed for being an online beggar. But Cubana Chief Priest saw her appeal and responded favourably.

He supported her with the whopping sum of NGN 100,000 which he sent to her account.

The woman, with the Twitter handle @queen_ronik, commented: "Someone sent me a dm that I should stop disturbing myself and keep my prayers to myself that I can never win cus am a 'yoruba lady' but because I still have faith in you sir @cubanachiefpriest and believe the God of Celestial I serve, i told the person, " let the will of God be done" if he, Mr Cubana notices me, then praise be to God and if he doesn't praise still be to God. @cubana_chiefpriest @obi_cubana I believe you will favour and notice this struggling single mother one day even if it is not from this money...God bless you abundantly and continue to replenish your pocket in folds."

In response, Cubana Chief Priest wrote:

"Write that person back, tell am say Him Fada, the yorubas are my inlaws, the billionaire Adeleke's, Lagos 🇳🇬 bless me, cubana loves, adores n respects yoruba. Please DM your account, your faith made you whole."

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