Read Life Coach Ajero Morgan’s Advice On Family And Marriage 
Ajero Morgan

Read Life Coach Ajero Morgan’s Advice On Family And Marriage 

Pearl Emmanuel

The popular Nigerian life coach, Ajero Morgan, has asserted that anyone whose brother remains generous after marriage should be thankful.

He made this assertion on Twitter, where he added that that person should not only be thankful to their brother but also to their brother’s wife.

The life coach spoke against the notion and misinterpretation of the popular saying, “Behind a successful man is a woman.”

According to him, people will think that this also applies if a man is unsuccessful. “It is not meant to answer both questions,” he concluded.

Read his tweet below:

“If after marriage, your brother is still being generous toward your family, don’t always thank him alone. thank & appreciate his wife also. Men who respect their wives listen to them. So, behind your brother’s benevolence is the support of his wife. Don’t take it for granted.”

Continuing on another thread, he tweeted:

"This post will kick certain fellas … Fellas who, when they hear the saying, 'behind every successful man, there is a woman', they will say, ok, so It means that, 'behind every unsuccessful man, there is a woman Hian!

“This Innocent post is not meant to answer both questions, biko."

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