See What Mr Eazi Thinks Of People Who Hate Dreads, Tattoos
Mr Eazi

See What Mr Eazi Thinks Of People Who Hate Dreads, Tattoos

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian music star, Mr Eazi, has expressed his displeasure over people’s negative perception of anyone with dreads and/or tattoos.

The songwriter made his displeasure known on his official Twitter page, where he tweeted that he did not know where the notion of individuals with dreads and tattoos being criminals, low lives and irresponsible came from.

He tweeted:

"I wonder where the idea that anyone with dreads & or Tatoo is a criminal or a low life or irresponsible came from! & how I even sometimes forget that I have dreads."

His tweet has sparked debates on the social media platform.

A Twitter user, identified as Vanger Paul, who might have spent time flipping through the pages of his Bible, responded to the singer’s tweet thus:

"My pastor told me having stylish haircut is a devilish act, I should go cut it off. And since then I've been checking my Bible to find where it's written but can't find it."

Another Twitter user narrated how the Nigerian army beat up a friend of his because he was wearing dreads.

"Help us ask the @HQNigerianArmy too may be dreads & tattoo make us a criminal or bokoharam what they did to my friend yesterday because he did dread on his head and his an artists ooo but this irs beat hell out him and use scissors cut the dread..may God help us oo," the Twitter user, @emperor237, noted.

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