Quitting your day job
Quitting your day job

4 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Day Job

Having doubts about whether or not you are cut out for your 9 to 5 job? Maybe your doubts are a sign. See four reasons why you should quit.


Everyone you know is now a CEO, MD or boss. They have people working for them and choose whether or not they want to go to work every day. They keep asking that you join them and be your own boss. They say if you do not build your dream, someone will pay you to help build theirs.

However, you are not certain if you want to join them on the entrepreneurial journey. If you are searching for a reason, you are in the right place. Here are four solid reasons to quit your day job.

1. Job Dissatisfaction

You wake up at 4 am every morning to make it in time to work. From the moment you take your seat you begin looking at your watch, waiting for 5 pm. You do your job well but you feel like you could do more and be better but nothing changes. The salary is the only thing keeping you in the job. If you have saved enough to fund your business, quitting your job is not a bad idea, especially if the level of unhappiness you feel working for your boss makes you contemplate suicide.

2. Toxic Environment

This is definitely a reason to quit. A toxic environment affects your thoughts and productivity and overall mental state. It is one of the reasons most people start their business.

3. You have a Dream

I do not mean you literally dreamt you started a business, although that could be taken as a sign. What I mean is that you have always planned to own a business and you have gathered the right skills and know-how to finally get the dream off the ground. By all means, do it!

4. It has served its purpose

If your side hustle or business is bringing in more satisfaction and money than your day job, please quit, especially if the money is nothing to go by and can be increased.

All these may be reasons to quit your day job but not necessarily reasons to start your own gig. Being an entrepreneur is tasking, money consuming and stressful. Do not be deceived. Not everyone is supposed to own a business. It is more work to build your business. But if you are ready to put in the work, why not?

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