Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day

8 Valentine Gift Ideas For Men

If you do not know what to gift your man on Valentine’s Day, here are eight practical gift ideas that he will definitely love.


The Valentine season is upon us and it is no longer in fashion to leave your man without gifts on the day that celebrates love.

Picking the right gift can become overwhelming, as the challenge is getting something sweet but practical. Even worse, it is your first Valentine’s Day and you have never gifted a man anything or you gave him an awful or thoughtless present last time you had to exchange gifts. Here are eight romantic gift ideas for the special man in your life:

1. Wristwatch

Men have a few practical accessories they get to wear every day, so wristwatches are always a good gift idea. You could engrave something sweet at the back or maybe his initials and your anniversary date. He would never forget how much you love him or your anniversary again.

2. A Wallet and Key Chain

Wallets can be good gifts, especially if you go all out. Get him a sturdy leather wallet, put a cute picture of yourself or both of you in it and leave him some money in there, too. It is not proper to present an empty wallet as a gift. A personalised key chain is also a great idea. He will carry this everywhere because of the key. Any time he sees it, he will always think of you.

3. A Canister or Water bottle

Everything he loves is a good idea. If he loves his drinks, he will definitely appreciate a canister with his initials engraved on the side. If he is particular about fitness and loves to hydrate or carry his smoothie or infused water around, then get him a sturdy yet sleek water bottle he can take to the gym or work. If he likes both, get him both.

4. A Travel Ticket

No one should know your man like you. If he has a visa he has been longing to use or has never travelled out of the country or he needs a well-deserved break even if it is for a weekend, you could get him a ticket to a visa on arrival country (if he has no visa). This is a gift he will not forget in a hurry. Plus you will be raising the bar pretty high for him.

5. Shoes

You can never go wrong with a good pair of shoes! Whether it is corporate or casual, he has to wear something on his feet. Get him a pair of shoes based on his taste and needs and you are good till Christmas.

6. Professional Course

If you are gifting someone a professional career, you might consider paying for the course, especially if it is within budget. All you have to do is register him for the course, print the details, put it in a box with a bow on top. He will definitely know you care, listen and appreciate him.

7. Camera Lens

If he is a camera guy, you could get him a lens you know he wants, as opposed to getting the camera if you do not have the money for it. It is thoughtful and says you care about what he cares about.

8. Headphones

Quality, noise-cancelling headphones are always a good idea especially when he is a music fanatic, work out sensei or meditation guru. I would recommend Bluetooth headphones with well-cushioned ears so he can wear it all day if he desires.

A surprise breakfast, cupcakes and chocolates are all gift ideas, regardless of what they cost or their functionality. They are packed with the same level of romance because once you give him, it is from a place of love. Try not to break your bank for one gift and remember to put some thought into it.

Your special man may be your brother, father, boyfriend or husband. If he is an important man in your life, any of these gift ideas will do.

P.S. Sex and underwear do not count as a guy gift anymore, except he has tacky ones or requests for it.

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