Peruzzi Slams Ex-Record Label Boss, Calls Him A Lunatic
Peruzzi and Davido

Peruzzi Slams Ex-Record Label Boss, Calls Him A Lunatic

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

The controversy between the singer and his former label boss, King Patrick, rages on, but this time, it is the singer who has shared his side of the story - actually, some part of it.

For the last 48 to 72 hours, the biggest story in the Nigerian social media space has been the battle between Golden Boy Entertainment and Davido's DMW crew member, Peruzzi.

On Thursday, Patrick took to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to call out both Davido and Peruzzi over an alleged debt which they owe him for his investment in Peruzzi.

According to the producer, Davido illegally poached Peruzzi from his label into his DMW crew and they have been trying to bully him because he asked for royalties and rewards for his investment.

Patrick gave a detailed account of what had transpired in the last three years between him, his former artist and his new crew on a thread which he called #SurvivingPeruzzi.

During his Twitter outburst, he revealed that Peruzzi isn't officially signed to DMW Records as he still has a contract with his label, an accusation Davido confirmed in a shared chat between them.

It was also disclosed that Davido’s hit song, 'FIA', was actually written and recorded by Peruzzi for Golden Boy Entertainment but was given to Davido to be reworked and pushed out without any permission from the people at Golden Boy Entertainment.

He made other claims that seemed to show he was being victimized by the more superior 30BG team and he got a lot of people online who encouraged him to continue fighting for what was his.

In the heat of the moment, Peruzzi shared some now-deleted tweets denying he cheated anyone. He, however, confirmed being signed to Patrick's label and getting some benefits.

But on Saturday afternoon, in another series of tweets, the talented singer shared some interesting details about the issue.

Peruzzi uploaded a photo of himself signing a DMW contract with Patrick present. He also claimed that money had been paid to Patrick but he had not gotten it because he had issues with the board.

The 29-year-old also said that he tried his best to help Patrick and his record label grow with him but his efforts were frustrated because his former boss refused to get close.

He added that Patrick was only being unstable before calling him a lunatic at the end of his thread.

Check out some of Peruzzi tweets below:

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