Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day

7 Valentine Day Gift Ideas For Women

Women have always received gifts on Valentine’s Day, but are they gifts they love? Find out!


Valentine’s Day is for flowers, cupcakes, teddy bears, ice cream, and sweet things to remind a woman that she is special.

People are scared to shift from the norm. They forget that chocolates, ice cream and flowers are all perishables and will probably be gone before the weekend. All these gifts, although appreciated and sweet, should never be the main attraction.

Thinking of gifts that the special woman in your life will love? Look no further. Here are some gift ideas for her.

1. Shoes or Bags

If your woman is a shoe, bag or both fanatic, she can never have too many shoes or bags. Get her a nice coloured bag she has either mentioned before or has a picture of on her phone. Whether they are flats, heels or running shoes, get her a nice pair of shoes that she would love. She would definitely remember you every time she sees the bag or shoes and is complimented on them.

2. Spa Day

If she has mentioned how she needs to relax or how she needs a facial, then a spa day is a great gift. Get your favourite girl a date at the spa to pamper her and if you want, you can make it a spa date for both of you.

3. A Travel Ticket

No one should know your special woman like you. If she has a visa she has been longing to use or has never travelled out of the country or she needs a well-deserved break even if it is for a weekend, you could get her a ticket to a visa on arrival country (if she has no visa). This is a gift she would not forget in a hurry.

4. Jewellery

If your special woman fawns over jewellery, has a ton of it and spends money on it, then it is a perfect gift for her. Jewellery is everything accessory, from earrings and wristwatches to necklaces and finger, nose and even toe rings as well as bracelets. Getting quality jewellery may seem daunting but it lasts forever. So, if you get her a quality, long lasting jewellery, it speaks of how highly she is valued.

5. Professional Course

If you are gifting someone with a professional career, you might consider paying for the course, especially if it is within budget. All you have to do is register her for the course, print the details, put it in a box with a bow on top. She will definitely know you care, listen and appreciate her.

6. Camera Lens

If she is a camera lover or user, you could get her a lens you know she wants, as opposed to getting the camera, especially if you do not have the money for it. It is thoughtful and says you care about what she does.

7. An Engagement Ring

If you have been with your girl long enough that you know each other and have spoken about marriage, then Valentine is a good time to pop the question. What other gift will tell her she is loved than a gift that promises forever?

Surprise breakfast, cupcakes and chocolates are all great gift ideas, regardless of what they cost or their functionality. They are packed with the same level of love because you give her from a place of love. Try not to break your bank for one gift and remember to put some thought into it.

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