Teni Makanaki Claps Back At Fans Who Body-Shamed Her
Teni Makanaki

Teni Makanaki Claps Back At Fans Who Body-Shamed Her

Pearl Emmanuel

The Nigerian music artiste and 'Billionaire' hitmaker has responded to trolls who fat-shamed her on Twitter.

“Stop asking me when I’ll lose weight, I don’t know I like fried rice too much. Worry about your moms jamming thighs,” Teni tweeted.

Read one of the body-shaming tweets she was responding to below:

"You really need to lose weight, believe me there are some dance step you can’t perform due to your size, I’m just saying my mind oo," @Petech_779 tweeted.

Others fans, however, are of the opinion that the artiste is beautiful just the way she is and does not need to lose weight.

One of such persons is a Twitter user, with the handle @Abimiku4.

"The way society Fixes things. You must be slim before you are beautiful, that’s just a hoax. Teni is the most beautiful person in the industry with an amazing personality and a killer voice. It’s surprising how People reduce beauty to shape only what a shame," he tweeted.

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