Quitting a job
Quitting a job

These 5 Things Will Guarantee That You Never Lose An Employee

Here are five things you should set in place to keep your employees.


If you are an employer of labour, you know how hard it is to keep good employees in an organization, especially with today’s economy. However, whatever has a problem has a solution. Here are five solid things you should set in place to keep your employees productive while working with you for a long period of time.

1. Regular Salary

At the interview’s negotiation stage, there is an acceptance of the salary offer. This offer might be really good or just okay to survive but once your employee accepts this offer, that is it. Making do with the amount is up to the employee but ensuring that the salary is received at the end of every month, as promised, is up to you. The fact that the employee is able to plan and even save from the money because of the certainty of the payment will definitely keep the employee.

2. Health Plan (HMO)

Providing health plan is another way to keep your staff with you and reduce the frequency of resignations. HMO is an acronym for “Health Maintenance Organisation.” They are companies mandated solely to manage the provision of healthcare services through health care facilities (hospitals, opticians, dentists etc). Knowing that your employer has provided covered payments for you and your nuclear family, if you are married, sets your mind at ease in cases of emergency.

3. Free Food

Everyone loves food but everyone loves free food more. Providing lunch, snacks or both for your employees is another way to keep them on board with your organization. It removes the thought and cost of what they would eat that day from them and helps them save their salary. If the cost of buying lunch is 500 a day, in a month your employees will have saved 10,000.

4. Paid Leave

Paid leave is another incentive or benefit to keep your employee with you. Who does not like free days? Give your employees time off for rest and then pay them an allowance for taking their leave and they will never leave your side.

5. Growth Opportunity

If your organization provides an opportunity for growth and communicates this to its employees, that if they put in the work, garner the right certifications and skills, they will not only be rewarded with a salary increase but promoted as at when due.

Bonus Tip

Communicate with your employee. Leave room and structure for professional communication and feedback. Let them feel they are heard and they understand you. This will give a family vibe, with parents and children, as opposed to a slave-master relationship

We are in a country where the level of unemployment is high and employers have seized this opportunity to treat those who work with them poorly. Having at least three out of the five above will keep your staff loyal.

These five things put together will set your organization apart and guarantee you low attrition rate, making your organization one of the best places to work in and the thought of prospecting to where you might not even get any of these will be a daunting task.

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