4 Ways To Have Fun With Friends With Less Than 10k

How can you have fun on a budget if it seems like everything has a price tag? Find out here! 


It is often said that January is the longest month of the year. This is mostly as a result of the spending done in December which makes the wait till the 31st long and painful. However, this does not mean you cannot have fun with a budget as low as 10k and the entire money doesn’t have to come from only you.

As opposed to hitting the club and doing a night of catfish pepper soup, drag your weekend by making use of what you have at home. Whether you are a guy or a girl, single or married, these are inexpensive ways to have fun with your friends on a budget.

1. Bring your own everything

From food to drinks, ensure your friends bring their own refreshment. In fact, whatever they bring should be enough to feed four people. As the host, you will provide water and also bring your own contribution. This will ensure that there is food in excess and offer a variety to your hangout. Entertainment in form of music also falls on the lap of the host.

2. Watch a movie

If anyone has a smart TV with a proper HDMI cord, you can find yourself watching a movie with your friends. Ensure the clear HD version is downloaded for your viewing pleasure. For refreshment, soda is cheaper from a store or even your roadside kiosk than at the movies. So purchase some and add some popcorn. Both should cost about 250 per head and if you think everyone should have more, then you could make it 500. With these, you will spend about 2500 - 5000 to host your friends, watch more than a movie and you won’t have to miss a scene when you want to pee.

3. Game night

This could be as simple as turning your house to a viewing centre for a game on TV or inviting your friends to come with the variety of games they have at home. Card games or console games will be a blast with the right people. It is always advised that they bring their own food or drink, depending on the mood you’d like to set.

4. Barbecue

There is always someone in the group that knows how to work a grill. Convince them to host a barbecue party. All everyone has to do is contribute a token for the meat or fish that will be grilled, the drinks and some ice. Whether during the day or at night, a meal among friends is a delight. If no one knows how to work a grill, then it will be fun to see everyone pitch in, taking turns to work the grill. If you are an adventurous lot, you can take the fun to the beach or hike up a mountain

At the end of the event, you will realise that you had the best time of your lives with a combined budget. So why not get up to 10 friends, with 2,000 naira and a bottle of wine, rum, vodka, a pack of beer, 3 packs of juice as their entrance fee, and everyone can have a swell time!

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