7 Mistakes New Parents Make
Mother and child

7 Mistakes New Parents Make

Margaret Solace

Having a new baby is cool but becoming a new parent can be a little terrifying and sweet, a sweet-sour experience. It can be nerve-wracking being a new parent. You worry that you are doing something wrong. You worry about when they cry, laugh and even make funny faces. You feel something is wrong.

You cannot be perfect with everything, especially when you are parenting for the first time. New parents sometimes make mistakes. Here are some mistakes you should avoid as a new parent:

1. Waking your baby up to breastfeed

You do not need to wake your baby while sleeping just because you feel they should be hungry. Do not assume they are hungry until they show it. They will wake up without your help.

2. Picking them each time they cry

You do not run to them every minute they let a wail out. You need to cut the habit of giving them attention every minute they cry. It is normal for babies to cry. It could be because they are hungry or they need to have their diaper changed. Do not be surprised if they still cry after all these. It is normal. Let them cry out sometimes but not all the time.

3. Panicking over everything

Babies do things like crying, bowel movements and even vomiting. It is normal. You overreact, thinking you’ve done something wrong. You panic over everything and it should stop.

4. Worrying over spitting and vomiting

There is a difference between spitting and vomiting. Spit up may be projective, but it generally comes out of the mouth easily, often with a burp. Vomiting is more forceful, and it can be frequent. It becomes a thing of concern if the vomiting persists for 30 - 45 minutes. You should call your doctor immediately.

5. Neglecting everything else for your baby

You do not neglect other daily activities, marriage, partner because of your baby. You do not focus all your attention on your baby at the expense of the relationship you have with other people.

6. Fighting in front of your baby

Babies sense bad, negative vibes easily and they become scared over time. This can worsen their crying and this will frustrate you the more. Keep the fights or snapbacks away from the babies.

7. Not using a car seat

You should always use a car seat when your baby is riding in the car with you. You should also know the proper way to set up a car seat before you put your baby in there. You have to keep it secure and tight.

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