Speed Darlington Hints At Breakup With Girlfriend 
Speed Darlington

Speed Darlington Hints At Breakup With Girlfriend 

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington, has asked his girlfriend to delete his number because he no longer has an interest in seeing her.

According to him, even though she is pretty and everyone in his family has confirmed this to be true, her “fine face doesn’t satisfy” him.

He made this known on Instagram, where he posted a photo of the young woman and captioned it with the words:

“I like you but your ways tire me. Just delete my number because I have no interest in seeing you anymore. I showed my family your pictures everyone agrees that you are fine but fine face doesn’t satisfy me.

"You kept pushing and fussing which lead to me being tired and mark you disappointment. You are a waste of money; I swear money I could have use to rent 1 light this coming Sunday for my music video shoot I carry give and now am filled with anger & regret smh and am leaving very soon.”

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