Burn Victim Shares Amazing Transformation Photos On Her Birthday
Burn victim

Burn Victim Shares Amazing Transformation Photos On Her Birthday

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Yinka Mathews, a burn victim who survived a gas explosion some years back, has shared photos of her transformation to celebrate her birthday.

The Nigerian lady, who suffered the unfortunate incident June 8, 2013, when a gas cylinder in her kitchen exploded, took to Instagram to share for the first time, a photo of the severe burn injuries she sustained from the explosion which got her in a coma for two days.

She placed the photo side-by-side with one that showed her current physical state, and honestly, it would have been impossible to tell she was the one if you didn't see the picture of the burns.

Having contemplated suicide and even going as far as begging the doctor to inject her with a substance that'll kill her when she regained consciousness, she managed to pull through and celebrated another birthday on Wednesday.

She wrote on Instagram: "I have posted a lot of my burns pictures but I never had the courage to post the first picture after the gas explosion!

"Today I summon the courage to post my Testimony in full. I survived what someone actually planned and wishes me but today I’m stronger braver and a inspiration. This picture is evidence that there is a God that still do wonders! As I celebrate another Birthday I say thank you to my Lord Jesus who despite all my imperfections have loved me perfectly! Happy Birthday Queen Olayinka!"

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