Marriage Is Little More Than A Certificate  —Daddy Freeze
Daddy Freeze

Marriage Is Little More Than A Certificate —Daddy Freeze

Pearl Emmanuel

Popular media personality, Daddy Freeze, has reacted to a quote that suggests that monogamy is the reason why some spouses cheat in their marriages.

He took to his Instagram page to air his opinion, stating that he had counselled over 80 married women last year. Most of whom, he insisted, were “churchy people” who had cheated in their marriages.

The media personality, thus, concluded that marriage goes beyond a certificate that legalizes sexual intercourse.

He posted a picture with the quote: "Sleeping around is the evil that Monogamy Condones, subtlety ~JC."

"What’s your take guys?” the media personality began his post.

“Last year I counseled over 80 married women, all were religious, all had cheated in their marriages, more than half had cheated within the last one year and circa 35% were running concurrent relationships.

“Marriage as we know it today, is in my opinion, little more than a certificate that legalizes copulation with a spouse, while secretly endorsing it with other parties.

“Numbers don’t lie.

“P.S. Most were churchy people…"

In response, a social media user, @emmy._great, stated that a lack of self-control, contentment, and creativity was the cause of cheating and not monogamy.

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