5 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

5 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

Margaret Solace

Nobody wants to be lied to. No one is in love with deceit, no matter what ship you find yourself in; romantic, platonic, or any other kind of relationship. Lying destroys people’s trust in you and doubt can set in.

Have you been lied to severally, only to find out the truth when it’s far gone and you feel cheated? Do you wish you had chips you could insert in humans to be able to tell when they lie?

Here are a few signs you should look out for if you think you are being lied to.

1. Fidgeting

A way to determine if someone is lying is to watch the way they react when they tell a story. They are usually nervous. Some pick their nails or move around in a chair. Their behaviour changes when they lie. It means they are not comfortable.

2. Lip rolling

It’s a common thing with liars to roll their lips before or after their lies. It is their way of hiding how they feel or to show that they are concealing facts. This often comes up when asked sensitive questions. The lips have a lot of nerves and are highly vascular. This makes lip rolling easier. Lip biting is also another way a liar pacifies himself.

3. Eye contact

A mouth can lie but their eyes say it all. When a person is trying their best not to maintain eye contact while talking, it might be because they are lying and they know you might see it all in their eyes.

4. Speech content

When someone uses phrases like “I want to be honest with you”, “Let me tell you the truth”, and “honestly” way too much in a conversation, it might be because what they are about to say afterwards are lies. This is like a reassurance that all is well. While assuring you that they are honest, they might also be trying to convince themselves about the lie they are about to tell.

5. Sharing too many details

When you talk too much and out of line, it could be because you are trying to avoid the the truth. You go round and round in circles. It could be a way to hide the truth from someone. They try to skirt around the topic and spill too much in the process.

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