Scent Leaves
Scent Leaves

6 Health Benefits Of Scent Leaves

Do you enjoy using scent leaves as a spice when cooking? Here are some interesting health benefits of these special leaves.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

Scent leaves, also known as Daidoya in the North, Nchawu in the East and Effirin in the West, can be used as a spice for soups because of its aromatic nature. It can also be added to jollof rice to give it a great taste and aroma.

Scent leaves have many interesting health benefits to offer and they have been outlined below.

1. Used for treating fever and malaria

Scent leaves have an antipyretic effect, a substance that makes it easy for the leaves to cure fever and malaria. The method for medication is to soak the leaves in hot water or boil them and drink as a tea when it is warm to make it work effectively in the body.

2. Used to treat sore throat

Scent leaves are good in curing sore throat. Soak the leaves in hot water or boil them and drink to make the sore throat disappear quickly.

3. Used for the treatment of cough

Scent leaves can heal cough in a short time. Squeeze the scent leaves thoroughly to produce some juice, then mix it with warm water to reduce and cure the cough.

4. They improve digestion

You can drink brewed scent leaves as a tea to treat digestive problems like mules, diarrhoea and others, as scent leaves have a calming effect and cool the stomach down.

5. They lower blood sugar

Scent leaves have the ability to prevent cancer and reduce cholesterol. They may also lower blood sugar level.

6. They serve as an insect and mosquito repellent

Scent leaves contain some compounds like camphor, mycrene, cineole, limonene and others that are not friendly to mosquitoes or insects. Therefore, keep the scent leaves in a pot in your house to repel mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

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