8 Signs Of Attraction You Should Not Ignore

8 Signs Of Attraction You Should Not Ignore

Margaret Solace

Attraction can catch us off guard, sometimes, especially when someone we know well declares their love for us. Someone may yell “I love you” at us for years and we may still miss the clues right in front of us.

Attraction scares us and keeps us from making a move in the world of love. If you think someone might be crushing on you but you are not sure, here are ways to tell.

1. They lean in

Nothing screams “interest” like leaning in on someone you are interested in. You are either leaning in to smell them or to give a kiss, but you should try not to act creepy at the same time. If you get this from someone often, it’s possible they like you.

2. They flirt

If someone is flirting with you, it’s because they like you. No one is ready to waste time in this generation. I flirt, you flirt right back! That is how it works. There are so many ways to flirt these days, especially with the introduction of more smartphones, apps and dating sites.

3. They have eyes for only you

You might be one person in a room of millions, but to this person, you are the only one in the room. Their gaze could cut through the crowd to find you. They give intense stares when you approach them and they cannot look away.

4. They do not forget details about you

They know your daily routine. Someone who is interested in you will know important things about you. Sometimes, we are all so busy, we don’t have time to connect with people in our lives on a meaningful level. If this person is going out of their way to tell you things and recalls important details, it’s because they love you.

5. They invite you to meet people close to them

If a person invites you to meet close people in their lives, it means you are the world to them and they want the world to know you, starting from their family.

6. Body language

Someone who is interested in you does not only lean in, they touch your arms, they smile etc. Their body language tells you everything.

7. They are nervous around you

Someone who is constantly nervous around you likes you. They are often worried about not getting it right. They want to make sure everything goes right; hence, the nervousness.

8. They preen

Preening means an act of “fixing yourself” in certain ways. It could be running your fingers through your hair or applying lip gloss. They want to look a certain way when you come around.

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