Healthy school lunch
Healthy school lunch

5 Delicious School Lunch Ideas You Should Try

Check out some yummy meal ideas you can prepare for your kids this school year.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

It’s a new year and a fresh opportunity for you to prepare healthy and delicious meals for your kids’ school lunch.

Check out the following recipes below that you can use to prepare balanced meals for your kids.

1. Fried noodles, garnished with chicken slices, sausage slices, carrots, green peas, green peppers and boiled egg

Ingredients: Noodles, cooked chicken, sausage, carrots, green peppers, green peas, 2 eggs, onions, fresh pepper, a little salt, vegetable oil.

Procedure: Slice the already cooked chicken into thin slices, slice the sausage, chop the carrot, green pepper, onions and keep aside. Boil the noodles a little and drain the water. Put some vegetable oil in a pot, heat it a little and add the chopped vegetables, chicken and sausage slices. Sautee all of these for about 2 minutes, then add the boiled noodles. Mix all ingredients together and allow to simmer for 3 more minutes. Serve with boiled egg.

Fruit: A banana, an apple or some grapes.

Drink: Water and fruit juice.

2. Chicken and tomato sandwich

Ingredients: 4 slices of bread, butter, jam, cheese or peanut butter spread, tomato slices, chicken slices.

Procedure: Spread butter, cheese, jam or peanut butter on all four slices of bread. Arrange the chicken slices and tomato slices on one of the bread slices. Then cover it up with another bread slice. You can also toast it for a crispier effect.

Fruit: An orange or some grapes.

Drink: Water and milkshake.

3. Fried plantain and potatoes with fried egg

Ingredients: A stick of plantain and two tubers of Irish potatoes, two eggs, vegetable oil, onions, a little salt, fresh or dry pepper, spices, fresh tomatoes.

Procedure: Slice the plantain and potatoes in a bowl. Heat some oil in a frying pan. Fry the plantain and potatoes gently till golden brown and drain. Slice fresh tomatoes, fresh peppers and onions, heat a little oil and add this mixture. Add salt and spices and mix together. Break, whisk and add the eggs. Mix thoroughly and leave to simmer for a minute. Serve the fried plantain and fried potatoes with the fried eggs.

Fruit: An apple or some grapes.

Drink: Water and fruit juice.

4. Boiled yam or boiled plantain and fish stew

Ingredients: Yam or plantain, fresh tomatoes and pepper, onions, vegetable oil, salt, dry pepper, spices, iced fish.

Procedure: Peel and wash the yam or cut the plantain into big slices, put in a pot, add a little salt and boil till soft. Blend the fresh tomatoes and pepper with onions, steam a little, heat some oil in a pot, add some onions and some tin or sachet tomatoes. Add the blended and steamed tomatoes, add some pepper, spices, salt. Mix together and allow to cook for about two minutes. Then add the already washed and cleaned fish and allow to cook properly for up to five minutes. Then allow to cool before serving.

Fruit: 2 Bananas.

Drink: Water and some healthy fruit juice.

5. Jollof rice or fried rice and chicken or beef with coleslaw

Ingredients: A cup of rice, chicken, beef, salt, spices, fresh pepper, onions, vegetable oil, fresh or sachet tomatoes, curry and thyme, liver, carrot, cabbage, green peas, green pepper, sweet corn, salad cream.

Procedure (Fried rice): Parboil the rice and drain, chop all vegetables, liver and beef. Heat some oil in a pot, add the chopped vegetables and meat, salt, curry and thyme, pepper, spices and sautee for a few minutes. Add the parboiled rice, mix all ingredients together, add some water or the chicken stock and allow to cook for some minutes. Serve with fried chicken.

Procedure (Jollof rice): Parboil the rice and drain. Heat some oil in a pot, add some onions and sachet or tin tomatoes, curry and thyme, spices, pepper and salt. Allow to simmer for a while then add the parboiled rice. Add the chicken stock and some more water. Allow to cook properly for a while. Serve with fried chicken.

Fruit: Some grapes, an apple or a banana.

Drink: Fruit juice or water.

I hope you enjoy preparing and feeding your kids these delicious recipes.

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