5 Healthy Meal Ideas For The New Year
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5 Healthy Meal Ideas For The New Year

Check out five interesting healthy meal ideas to experiment with to get fit and healthy this year.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

It’s a New Year and we are still in the first month of the year. We are all setting up and trying out new routines and systems for the year 2020. Of course, one of the routines a lot of people will be putting in place will be a fitness and health routine. Everyone wants to be healthy, fit and strong but it takes a lot of discipline, perseverance and creativity to achieve this.

These are some ideas for a healthy diet that you can try out this New Year to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1. Cabbage or Vegetable Soup

You can use cabbage or any green vegetable like ugu, waterleaf and okro to prepare this. Other ingredients to add to it are palm oil, dry fish or stockfish, crayfish, salt, spices, fresh pepper, onions etc. You can also add chicken to this to make it more appetizing. Eat this soup alone without any swallow and enjoy its full nutritional benefits. The cabbage soup especially can be used as an appetizer.

2. Chicken or Turkey Balls and Garlic Stir-Fry Vegetable Spaghetti or Noodles

You can use pieces of chicken or turkey meat for this, mashed and moulded into balls, then fried. The spaghetti or noodles can be cooked first, then drained. You stir-fry the vegetables like carrot, green peas, green pepper, sweet corn, cabbage, tomatoes etc in a little oil. Add spices, salt, pepper, garlic and onions. Then add the spaghetti or noodles, mix thoroughly and allow to simmer for a few minutes. The garlic added is actually a healthy spice with lots of health benefits.

3. Avocado, Tomato and Chicken Sandwich

The avocado in a sandwich is actually the spread. You can get this by blending or mashing enough avocado fruits and storing in your fridge. Then it will be healthier to use brown bread for the sandwich instead of white bread. To make a sandwich, you spread some avocado on a slice of bread, place some slices of tomato and chicken on the slice, then cover it up with another slice. You can even toast it for a better and crispier taste. This can be eaten as breakfast.

4. Detox Chicken Soup

This can be made using chicken cooked in ingredients like salt, spices, pepper, a little oil, onions and some vegetables. You can also add some ginger and garlic for a sharp taste. It can be used as an appetizer and also taken in the morning before the main meal to cleanse and detoxify the system.

5. Green Detox Smoothies

This can be made using spinach, celery, pineapple, banana, apple, ginger, lemon etc. It can be taken in the morning to detoxify the system and clear the bowels. It is a good drink that everyone should try. Of course, we all love smoothies so this will definitely be a winner.

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