Are You Single? This Is How You Can Still Enjoy Valentine’s Day

Are You Single? This Is How You Can Still Enjoy Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to be alone and depressed on Valentine’s Day. This is how you can still celebrate.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

Yes, we are here once again. It’s Valentine season and I already smell love in the air.

Relationship experts have started dishing out tips on blogs and on social media on how to get a date this season or land the partner of your dreams.

Vendors have started packaging and marketing special packs for the Valentine season.

Even the mere sight of the color red, chocolates, wine, flowers etc gives romantics like us jitters and butterflies in our stomachs.

If you are single and not sure of getting a date before Valentine’s Day or it is so obvious that you will be alone on the night of Valentine with only your pillow to keep you warm, this is what you should do.

1. Send Yourself A Gift

Yes. Go online and shop for one of those fancy Valentine packages with chocolates, wine, flowers etc and get the vendor to deliver it to you at home.

Being single should not stop you from enjoying the season.

2. Pamper Yourself

Visit a spa, get your hair and nails done. Get a massage. Just relax and let off steam. You deserve it.

3. Hang Out With A Good Friend

Do you have equally single friends? Call them up and hang out on Valentine’s Day. You can go to a club, a party or an event together.

Don’t sit at home feeling sorry for yourself and eating ice-cream. Go out and get your groove on.

4. Have A Small Party At Home

You can equally invite your single friends over and have a good time together over movies, games, pop-corn, ice-cream, small chops, chocolate, wine, cake and whatever else you all enjoy.

You can also talk about your lives and share issues you are having and get good advice to solve them. You don’t have to be bored.

5. Netflix With Friends

And you can just forget about this whole Valentine thingy and just Netflix and chill all by yourself over pop-corn, ice-cream and soda.

Most of all, always remember that you don’t have to wait till Valentine season to treat yourself.

Show yourself love and always practice self-love at every opportunity you get. You are worth it, you deserve it and you don’t need another human being to validate your worth or existence.

Have a lovely, romance-filled and self-love filled Valentine season!

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