Monalisa Chinda Explains Why She Has Not Been On TV Screens Lately
Monalisa Chinda

Monalisa Chinda Explains Why She Has Not Been On TV Screens Lately

Pearl Emmanuel

Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda, has given two reasons for being absent from the Nigerian movie scene lately.

The actress gave these reasons in a recent interview, where she stated that she has been acting for a while and needs to give the younger generation room to take over.

“I’m not there on the screens as I used to be. I am getting older and need to give room for the younger generation to take over. There are certain roles I can’t do anymore. I am older now. For example, I can’t be seen playing some significant roles made for the younger generation, like a young university student, but I can do stepmom, housemaid, boss lady, etc,” she revealed.

She further maintained that another reason why she has not been on the screen for a while is that she has been focusing on producing her movies.

The actress, however, asserted that she would grace TV screens soon.

"However, for now, I am more about producing my own movies and my show. That’s another reason I slowed down a bit. But this year, you would see me gracing more of your TV screens,” she said.

Noting that there are some roles she would not play, the versatile actress stated that she would give a romantic role a shot if it is well scripted, has a good director and she does not have to go nude.

“For romantic roles, why not? I am an actor, a versatile one for that matter. If the romantic role would be fantastically done, well scripted with a good director, then I would give it a shot. But I’ll never go nude for any reason. Nudity doesn’t work here, we are Africans; our cultures are different,” she affirmed.

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