“Pride Doesn’t Pay The Bills,” Says Helen Paul
Helen Paul

“Pride Doesn’t Pay The Bills,” Says Helen Paul

Pearl Emmanuel

Popular Nigerian stand-up comedienne, Helen Paul, has advised her fans to work hard at their jobs, whether it is their dream job or not, as long as it pays their bills.

The comedienne gave this piece of advice on Instagram, where she asserted that it is only pride that will prevent one from taking an available job because it is not their dream job.

The wife and mother-of-three warned such persons not to come to her for aide since they are too proud to work under somebody.

Read what she wrote below:

"Take any Job to Pay your Bills until you find your dream job… pride doesn't pay the bills."

“I don’t wanna work under anyone.

“Please don’t call me to borrow money, because I am working under many people…, The people I am working for,

“Work UNDER people who work UNDER people, (just like parte after Parte)

“So if you don’t want to work UNDER anyone,

“Don’t ask me to borrow you money

“Do you UNDERstand.”

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