Toyin Abraham Advises Fans To Stop Using People’s Past To Judge Them

Pearl Emmanuel

Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, has advised her fans to stop judging people based on their pasts.

The actress gave this piece of advice on Instagram, where she maintained that everyone has done something in the past that they are not proud of. Rather than judging them, she said, there is a need to support them as they strive to make changes.

Read what she wrote below:

“Everyone has a past, some more intense than others. Stop using their past to judge them. Everyone has done something they are not proud of. So when people want to change, support them and help them grow. Stop judging.”

Recall that a few years ago, the actress admitted to drug addiction at the 2017 edition of Success Story Africa, which held at the TLC Auditorium, Lagos.

"You need to stop bad habits. I was involved in a lot of vices and it became worse last year. I abused drugs and I am not ashamed to say it because it’s now a thing of the past. They say codeine makes you high; I took a lot. I smoked a lot and I didn’t even know I looked horrible because I was so skinny," she said.

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