9 Things Commuters Must Do As Lagos Enforces Okada And Keke Ban
Babajide Sanwo-Olu

9 Things Commuters Must Do As Lagos Enforces Okada And Keke Ban

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

With the Lagos State Task Force already enforcing the ban on Okada (motorcycle) and Keke (tricycle) riders on highways and some other parts of the state, Lagosians are already looking for the best moves to reduce the stress and inconvenience the ban would cause.

Here, I list nine things you should do to ease the stress and inconvenience on you and other road users.

1. Readjust your travel time

This is the first and most important for the regular bike and keke users. Now that your favourite mode of transportation has been banned, it means you'd spend more time on the road. To avoid getting late to work, appointments and business places, you might need to readjust the time you leave home and always anticipate a longer time in transit.

2. Make sure your vehicle is in a good state before use

If you're a vehicle owner, please ensure you check it before getting on the road. Don't be the reason other road users spend extra hours on the road. Please!

3. Avoid the roads entirely, use alternative means of transportation

Did I just hear you say: 'God forbid you to ride on a boat'? Well, you might just have to face our fears because that might just be your best option. No traffic also means it is quicker. I hear it is more convenient nowadays too. There's also the not so great Lagos railway. That could be another option.

4. Reduce the number of times you get on the road

There has never been a better time to be more calculating about your trips. Try to reduce the number of times you get on the road. Do only necessary trips. That way, you reduce the stress on you and other road users.

5. Travel light

There are probably no more bikes or keke to drive you to the front of your home, so it will be wise to reduce the load on you (if you can). You don't want to walk that distance with that extra weight on you.

6. Avoid rush hours (Leave earlier or later)

If you can, avoid the dreaded Lagos rush hours. Leave your home earlier than usual and the office or business place later than the normal office closing hours. This could help you beat the traffic, the long queue at bus stops and the fare is usually lower at this time.

7. Be vigilant of pickpocketers

This here is probably the most important advice you'll get this period. With the ban on Okada, so many youths would be left jobless and that could see a rise in crime. Some of them will be forced into pickpocketing passengers at the bus stop. Be vigilant!!

8. Have extra cash on you

Trust me, those commercial bus riders would hike the fare prices. To avoid being stranded, go with extra cash than usual. Another reason you might need the extra quid is dehydration. Lagos traffic can be exhausting, so, having cash to buy drinks in traffic could come in handy. You can add some snacks to it.

9. Wash up properly before making a trip

One of the reasons some people don't like using commercial buses is the inconvenience that comes with it. To get to where they are going on time, some people skip taking their baths and brushing their teeth. Please, don't be the reason people regret making the trip. Take care of you before heading out, we take God beg you!

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