Three Female Actresses I Would Like To Marry - Popestanley Uchenna 
Popestanley Uchenna Ndu

Three Female Actresses I Would Like To Marry - Popestanley Uchenna 

Pearl Emmanuel

Nollywood actor, Popestanley Uchenna Ndu, has listed three actresses he would rather settle down with if he had the chance.

He shared the list in a recent interview with Naija Diary, where he stated that the first person on his list was Genevieve Nnaji because of her wisdom.

Rita Dominic’s caring personality earned her the second position on his list. Even though she is now married with three kids, Mercy Johnson was third on his list. He also cleared any misconceptions about the actress.

He further noted that he will not end the year single.

“I have not had any relationship with any artist or girl or star for the 17 years I have been in the industry. But if I wanted to marry in the industry, it would have been Genevieve Nnaji, that’s because she’s a wise woman; she is intelligent, not because she’s wealthy,” he said.

"Another person I would have loved to be married to or even kill for it would have been Rita Dominic because of her caring personality and her encouragement; for me, No Rita Dominic no Marriage.”

“Another actress I admired a lot was Mercy Johnson, but she is married now. I don’t know why people are saying bad things about her or saying she doesn’t care about other people, I have worked with her severally, she encourages the upcoming actors, the way she speaks to them, she doesn’t segregate, I don’t know of any other actor she has been bad to.

"I am talking about myself; she has not done those things to me. She has not been a bad person to me, you know, I can’t tell if she has been bad to other people, but to me, I have not seen all those bad things that people are saying about her. If I am allowed or if I want to marry from the industry, it would have been Mercy Johnson, Rita Dominic or Genevieve, these three persons would have been the ones I would go for.”

Sharing his goals for 2020, he said: “My biggest plan for 2020 is to get married and establish another business that will also be giving me good money. That’s the biggest plan I have for this 2020.”

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