Okoda Ban: Lagos State Government Makes Exceptions For Some
Motorcycle ban

Okoda Ban: Lagos State Government Makes Exceptions For Some

Austin Papi

The Lagos State Government has announced its exceptions to the motorcycle (okada) and tricycle (keke) ban, which was enforced by security officers on February 1.

The Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Gbenga Omotosho, informed newsmen that the exceptions only apply to dispatch riders, courier companies, newspaper dispatching motorcycles and private motorcycle riders.

Omotosho explained that the security agents who have been charged with enforcing this new rule will have discretionary powers in certain instances.

“Every officer to enforce this law has discretionary powers. Aside from the discretionary powers, courier companies, dispatch riders, newspaper dispatching motorcycles, and motorbikes are exempted from the ban and they must be well kitted. You wear your helmet, you don’t carry passengers and you have your box behind you to show you are a dispatch rider,” he said.

When asked by newsmen if the ban would also affect police officers, who ride Okada in the state, Omotosho replied: “The police ride Okada, but you see that they are well kitted. You will even know that these are police motorcycles.

“And the officers enforcing the law know who to exempt. There may have been mistakes in the past two days, but such mistakes have been addressed and those arrested released with apologies.”

Despite the protests in the state, the commissioner insisted that the government has no plan to review the ban.

He then thanked residents for enduring the pains of the enforcement, before assuring them that the state government had the interest of Lagosians at heart.

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