12 Kinds Of People You Will Find At The Bank

12 Kinds Of People You Will Find At The Bank

When next you visit your bank for a transaction or stand on an ATM queue to make withdrawals, take note of these people.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

In every banking hall and ATM queue, you tend to see various types of people and funny behaviours. If you visit banks and use the ATM often, you would have met some or even all these categories of people below.

Knowing how annoying bank and ATM queues can be and sometimes even how rude bank cashiers in Nigeria can be, observing this set of people while at the bank will help make your short stay there more tolerable and fun.

1. The "I dey your back" crew

These people rush to the queue and ask "who is the last person?" when they haven't even collected the withdrawal or deposit slip. They only go to collect a slip after they find out who the last person is and say "I dey your back" to the last person in order to secure a space on the long queue.

2. The professional pen borrowers

These people will approach you and ask if you have a pen. They never visit the bank with a pen and if you're not careful enough to know who borrowed your pen, that will be the last time you will see the pen.

3. The confused ones

These people are usually found at ATM spots. During rush hours at an ATM machine, these confused individuals will remain in front of an ATM machine for a long time, pressing random buttons, wasting time and will eventually leave without making withdrawals. They do not ask questions if they do not know how to use the ATM machine.

4. The "Abeg, is it paying?" crew

This type of people only come to find out from people already at the ATM center if the ATM machine is dispensing cash and also to indirectly find out if the ATM machine is faulty.

5. The master delayers

These people come to the bank with every sum of cash available to deposit and when the cash is being counted, a lot of time would be wasted on them, leaving others waiting on the queue with smaller amounts tired, annoyed and pissed.

6. The connected ones

These people don't join the queue. They just go straight to the head cashier's office and conduct their transactions swiftly before exiting the bank. They always end up getting bad looks from those who do the right thing by standing on the queue.

7. The "bank door rejectees"

No matter how hard they try, these people are always rejected by the security door each time they try to access the banking hall, making you wonder if they swallowed a metal object.

8. The date seekers

These people will always ask you the date, month and even year and this will make you wonder if they live on this planet. They will also ask other people the same question just to be sure.

9. The slip wasters

These people are professional withdrawal and deposit slip wasters, as they keep on making mistakes and end up needing to use another slip.

10. The shy ones

These set of people are too shy to ask questions and this will make them stand on the queue for hours only for them to be told that they are on the wrong queue.

11. The doubting Thomases

They are usually serious-minded and something hilarious about them is that after collecting cash from the ATM they will stand in front of the machine to count the money and make sure it's complete without minding if other people are waiting to use the ATM too.

12. The classy ones

These people have no time to exchange words with other angry customers. They are way too civilized.

While you are at the bank, try to observe and see if you will notice any of these people on the list. Which one are you whenever you go to the bank or an ATM?

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