Even If I look like I Am Frowning, Ignore That —Johnny Drille To Fans
Johnny Drille

Even If I look like I Am Frowning, Ignore That —Johnny Drille To Fans

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian music artiste, Johnny Drille, has encouraged his fans not to be afraid to approach him regardless of his many facial expressions.

The singer and songwriter made this encouragement on Instagram with a screenshot of a previous Twitter post.

He wrote:

"Went to a Mall by myself this morning and ended up giving hugs and handshakes to a dozen fans I was running into all around.

“If you see me in public, even with people, please come say hi, I'd be nice I promise 🤗"

"Met an elderly woman too, said her family is JD fans. Gave her the biggest hug

“Even if I look like I am frowning, ignore that, I'll be nice ❤️."

His post has got both fans and celebrities talking, with a Twitter user, identified as Bukunmi Oluwasina, saying: "I saw you in my dreams last night, I greeted you, you eyed me. Kini itumo gbogbo katikati yen? How can u be nice in real life and be rude in dreams?"

Another Instagram user suggested that Johnny Drille was being mischievous.

"Shey you go gree hug guys...abi na current you want dey tap," he wrote.

The music star responded that he normally would not reply to messages from trolls but he had to correct his mindset of making everything sexual.

“@dericktolu I'd normally not reply to your kind of comment. Did you understand what I wrote? Y'all just sexualize every damn thing," he replied.

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