5 Tips For Slaying At The Gym
Man at the gym

5 Tips For Slaying At The Gym

Find ways to slay at the gym here.


Going to the gym and even starting a new workout can sometimes be intimidating. This makes us want to go along with a familiar face as our workout buddy. Although it helps, sometimes, your “buddy” might not be around, leaving your fitness goals to suffer greatly.

You have finally taken courage, after much procrastination. You have finally paid for your gym subscription, but you don’t know how to kill it in the gym. You just started and you are new to performing with a crowd watching. So how do you begin? Find out!

1. Prepare your workout routines before going to the gym

Knowing what your routine for the day will be before heading for the gym, is key to slaying your workouts. Is it cardio, HIIT or weights or will it be a leg day, arm day, butt day or total body workout? Will you workout for 30 minutes or 45 minutes? How many seconds of rest will you have in between? Knowing what you want to do, planning and programming it will help you to slay at the gym.

2. Let go of your phone

Your phone can turn out to be an unwanted distraction. From hot selfies or “sweatfies” to staring at people work out on Instagram instead of actually facing your own workout, having your phone in your hands will just not cut it. Get a Bluetooth headset for your music or if you are listening to workout instructions from your phone. place your phone in a fanny pack or an armband.

3. Carry a water bottle

Carrying a water bottle, with some water in it, is an important tool to help you slay at the gym. It is important to drink water before, during and after your workout. The human body is made up of over 60 per cent of water. We lose water fast when our body gets hot and nothing causes bodily heat like a good workout. Remember to replenish the water loss and stay hydrated as you workout. Also, carrying a water bottle just makes you look serious

4. Wear something comfortable;

Get chic but comfortable clothes. I know you want to wear that bra top, those biker shorts, those killer running pants and those Nike compression pants that you have been eyeing all through the year. The truth is, while all these are fine, your comfort is important. You need to dress for comfort. Let your workout pants or shorts be your actual size, not so tight that you struggle with blood circulation and discomfort and not big, so you do not spend your day dragging them up back to your waist. Get the best workout shoes for your workout. Let them fit comfortably. A snug fit with wiggle room for your feet will make for perfect workout shoes.

5. Don’t take yourself seriously

Let your hair down and have fun. Enjoy your workout, enjoy your journey, where you are and where you intend to be. Laugh at yourself when your squat form is just awkward, when you cannot jump more than five times straight with a jump rope.

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