Healthy habits lead to happy men
Healthy habits lead to happy men

6 Healthy Habits Every Man Should Cultivate


There is always that guy, that one person who seems to have it all figured out -from top-notch health to supportive relationships, is happy and has a stress-free life. It may look like he was born with it but in truth, he works hard at it. He has healthy habits that have sustained him and helped him to attain the life that you now envy. Find out six habits every man must cultivate to enjoy a healthy life.

1. Chilling

Life is more than working and hanging out. We know you need to make that money and we know you have not hung out with the guys in forever, but It is extremely important for you as a man to develop the habit of relaxing, like enjoying a downtime. Meeting the boys at the bar or club or playing a console game is definitely fun, but these do not give your mind the time it needs to rid itself of the accumulated stress. Instead, try sending some time outdoors by taking a walk or a hike or even meditation or yoga.

2. Communicating

Guys, seriously, learn to express yourself and unburden. It takes nothing from you.

Men tend to suppress emotions, which can lead to stress and most times severe outbursts of anger. This is because men have been told and expected in times past to keep it all in and not show weakness. This generation understands that it is all hogwash. Learning how to express emotions and constructively communicating them will go a long way in improving your mental and physical health as well as relationships. Expressing yourself emotionally will help you in the long run. It is a habit that you certainly cannot and should not do without.

3. Daily Exercise

Exercising daily seems daunting but it is a habit that every man needs to develop. With 20 minutes of daily exercise, you can be on the path to greater fulfilment and resiliency. It will help stimulate your brain cells, help your blood pressure and flow as well as give your skin a nice polish.

4. Reading

Developing good reading habits is vital to your future, not just academically or career-wise but in your everyday life as well. Reading helps you exercise your brain, keeping it working at its optimum.

5. Regular medical checkup

Men have a tendency to neglect their health more than women. The need to develop a conscious habit of visiting the doctor regularly can not be emphasized. A healthy man makes it a habit to regularly check for testicular and prostate cancer as well as discuss with his doctor about the risk factors of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Things like these are caught at the early stage during habitual check-ups.

6. Stressing less

Is it possible? Yes! Is it possible for men? YES! Stress should not be your way of life. Society has placed a ton of pressure on men that they do not have to take. In truth, all you have to do is be aware of the areas of your life that are not getting the attention they need and work towards making time for them when you are able. Take time to meditate, relax, work out the tension you have gathered and watch your life flourish. Be like Lebron James, meditate.

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