5 Hair Care Tips For The Rainy Season
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5 Hair Care Tips For The Rainy Season

Read five hair care tips for the rainy season.

Margaret Solace

The rainy season is a great time for hot tea and coffee. Just curl up in bed or on your sofa to see your favourite movie with your partner. However, you cannot be indoors forever, and sometimes, we get caught up in rain with or without a means of transportation. So what do you do to your hair after the rain? Here are hacks for hair growth during the wet season.

1. Detangle

You do not want to comb through your hair when it is wet. It tends to be weak when wet and might break or cause split ends. Use your fingers to carefully detangle the hair, remove any knots formed during the process of trying to shield yourself from the rain.

2. Wash

Rainwater contains different chemicals with their separate PH levels and this could cause damage to the hair. Rain comes with wind most times, which in turn carries dirt. You might have to wash your hair to avoid a build-up of harsh chemicals and bacteria.

3. Condition

Chemicals in rain can dry up the hair, so you must always condition the hair after wash. You need to restore lost moisture to the hair. Conditioning helps to tame frizzy hair.

4. Moisturize well

Dry your hair with a towel. Do not rub but gently use the towel to reduce the damp hair. You can air dry or use a dryer, depending on how fast you want it. Air drying is the best for hair, but then, you just might not have the time. Make sure you moisturize your hair generously after conditioning and washing. Use a good moisturizer to help hydrate your hair. It will seal your hair with oil for moisture retention and keep the hair shiny.

5. Always be prepared

You need to know your season and be prepared. You can always keep a spare shower cap in your office, car, and bag to avoid the struggle of washing every time because it's bad for your hair.

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