6 Pairs Of Shoes Every Girl Must Own

6 Pairs Of Shoes Every Girl Must Own

Margaret Solace

Shoes are a must-have. They complement your outfits. You cannot dress elegantly without anything on your feet, except there is a special reason, like religious beliefs. Nevertheless, you cannot go barefoot with all outfits.

Marilyn Monroe's “Give a girl the right shoe and she can conquer the world" speaks volumes. Some want to have it all. Their closets are built mainly for shoes but they still crave for more. You cannot have it all, though. If you do not know the basic shoes every woman should own, you can have two pairs of these shoes and still look classy.

1. Flats

They are a must-have in every closet. If you do not have this, you should go get one as soon as possible. They are comfortable and easy to carry with you everywhere you go in case you need to change into something more casual or you are in pain. They serve as emergency footwear anytime.

2. Ballet flats

They are flats but more covered around your feet. They come in different colours and textures like suede, leather or rubbers. They give classy comfort to your feet. They give you a chic look and can be worn to the office.

3. Gladiators

These long rope shoes are great with mini-skirts, dresses or shorts. They offer a sexy look and are well put together. They give the impression of covered legs, so they do not look like you are exposing too much. They can be worn to the beach, parties, pool dates etc.

4. Wedges

They are made to create extra length without the struggle of tiny and block heels. They are appropriate for short ladies who still want to show off their legs. They give confidence and are made to look like woods. They are fancy. They come in sandal wedges or slipper wedges.

5. Pumps

You wear pumps for presentations, board and executive meetings, to the office and events. They give you the “Boss lady" look. Heels give balance to the butt area. Pumps come in different heels and types. Some come with open toes, others come in block heels etc.

6. Sneakers

Sneakers go with virtually everything. You can wear sneakers with office wears, casual wears, sports wears, dresses and even native gowns if paired nicely. They are easy to wear and comfortable. They come handy all the time.

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