Uniben Student Allegedly Frames Boyfriend For Kidnapping  

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

A young man has posted videos of himself accusing his girlfriend of framing him up after he told her he wanted a break-up following an argument.

The man accused his girlfriend, Judith, with whom he had been in a hotel in Benin City for five days, of sneaking into the bathroom to put a call through to someone outside, claiming she had been kidnapped and was going to be used for rituals.

He said this happened after they had a serious disagreement which led to the girl insulting his mother and made him threaten to slap her before he told her he wanted out.

According to the man, he moved to Benin from Lagos five days before the incident so as to spend the Valentine's Day celebration with the lady he had been dating for seven months.

In another video, Judith, a chemistry student in Uniben, is seen disputing the claims of the man while also accusing him of hitting her and leaving her with some bruises. She also said he was recording the video because his plan failed.

See the videos below:

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