Why President Buhari Was Booed In Borno - Senator Shettima 
Senator Kashim Shettima

Why President Buhari Was Booed In Borno - Senator Shettima 

Austin Papi

The former Governor of Borno State, Senator Kashim Shettima, has explained why residents of Maiduguri booed President Muhammadu Buhari during his visit on Wednesday.

The senator gave the explanation in a statement issued to newsmen at the National Assembly complex on Thursday.

According to him, many people imagined that the president had a magic wand which made them have an exaggerated expectation that was not being met.

He insisted that the president was no magician and was doing his possible best to fight terrorism.

He also called on Nigerians to stop blaming President Buhari for the poor state of insecurity in some regions of the country.

“Let’s see to it that the challenges facing us as a nation and as a people are promptly addressed, and it is not beyond us to solve those challenges,” he said.

“I believe quite frankly that grandstanding, playing to the gallery, pouring venom on the presidency will not solve the problem.

“We cannot just demonise Buhari. Buhari did his best, and we had a respite between 2015 and 2017 before we had this recent relapse.

“So, how to find solution to our problem is more important than demonising anybody, and we shouldn’t suffer from memory amnesia, Buhari has done more than enough for the Northeast.

“The Chief of Army Staff is not from Delta, neither is he from Akwa Ibom, the Chief of Army Staff is from Borno, the National Security adviser is from Borno, the Chief of Air staff from Bauchi, all from the Northeast.

“Buhari was instrumental to the creation of the North East Development Commission, and now we have bills, motions coming from all parts of the country agitating for their own commissions as well.

“It was under his tutelage that oil, million barrels of oil was discovered in the Northeast, Bauchi, so we have to give it to him, for placing our people in strategic positions to find solutions to our common challenges.”

The senator added that fighting insurgency is a collective responsibility. He said that instead of pouring venom on the president, there should be a unified approach that will involve the military, economic, social and political leaders in the war against terrorism.

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