Don’t Save A Woman From Her Past  —Shadaya Knight
Shadaya Knight

Don’t Save A Woman From Her Past —Shadaya Knight

Pearl Emmanuel

Self-acclaimed anti-feminist and vlogger, Shadaya Knight, has advised men not to get married to women who have had dealings with irresponsible men in the past.

He gave this advice in a recent post on Twitter.

Read his tweet below:

"Avoid single moms at all costs. She wasted her prime fxcking irresponsible guys. Then when the irresponsible guy bails on her she now seeks YOU, the very nice guys she used to call boring to help raise her illegitimate offsprings. Don't save a woman from her past of bad decisions."

Social media has reacted, with a Twitter user saying: "But what about single dads, we agree to date then when they say they have children when we don't?"

In response, Knight claimed that such women are there to milk the man's hard-earned money.

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