Northern Education: Reno Omokri Reacts To Adamu Garba’s Claim 
Reno Omokri

Northern Education: Reno Omokri Reacts To Adamu Garba’s Claim 

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian author and human rights activist, Reno Omokri, has responded to Senator Adamu Garba Talba's claim about northerners being the most educated in Nigeria.

The former presidential aspirant recently took to his Twitter page to negate the common notion of education in the North.

According to Garba, the North is more educated than any part of Nigeria. The fact that they do not have a good grasp of the English Language does not make them uneducated.

Garba tweeted: "Many will tell you that the north is educationally backward, but their definition of EDUCATION is the English language. The north is much more educated in every way than any other part of NIGERIA. They only lag in English & that’s not education, that’s language. Note this always.”

His tweet did not sit well with fans, as a lot of his followers, including Omokri, criticized him.

The author brought some facts to light in order to disprove Garba's observation. According to the author, there are 13.5 million children in the North who do not attend Islamic or western school.

Read his tweet below:

"Leaders like this are the bane of the North. Northern Nigeria has 13.5 million children that do not go to either Islamic or Western school. 87% of Nigeria’s poverty is in the North. Yet leaders like this continue to live in denial. As a result, things get worse because of denial."

A Twitter user also noted: "Every Islamist (worldwide) despise “western education”. But tell me please, is there any other form of education that has brought so much civilization, progress and development 🤷‍♀️? English you say...the language of science and technology worldwide today is English...or would you have it be Arabic instead?🤷‍♀️."

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