Abiodun Jimoh
Abiodun Jimoh

I Want To Change The Face Of Directing - Abiodun Jimoh

Bernard Femi

The Award winning film director, Abiodun Jimoh, has called for a “pragmatic approach” to storytelling and directing in the movie industry.

In an interview with The Nation's Damola Kola-Dare, the director said would like see a radical change happen in the way stories are being told in Nollywood.

In the interview he was asked why he choose to be a director and he said :

“Creativity has been part of me. I grew up to write comics and intresting stories. People use to love them even as a primary school pupil people wondered how I got to the stories. After my University Education, I got into filmmaking and wrote a couple of novels and also acted too. One thing tha pained me, when ou write a good story and director does not get the picture you are trying to portray, it becomes annoying. So I started paying attention to directing."

He also explained the challenges he encounters in directing stating that sometimes when he's in needs actors for roles and need to get them fast, he ends up settling for the ones available.

He explained how the system isn’t allowing the growing actors to come out because there is too much focus on the renowned ones.

When asked about the general view he has about the current state of the Nollywood’s performance and global appeal, he said,

“I think we are beginning to get global attention. When I say ‘we’, I mean the system and the government. As Nollywood practitioners we are doing a lot of things individually. We can’t do anything without the government. Nigerians are everywhere, we are on Netflix.”

He also spoke about the issue of sexual harassment in the industry. He said if any actress says that’s why she is not acting, it’s either she is not talented or unserious. He added that most of this actresses are the ones seducing their directors for roles.

He, however, acknowledged that there are some directors with such acts but one basic facts still stands that if the person is talented then she will definitely be sought for.

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