Lady Gets Trolled For Calling Out TBoss
TBoss and her baby

Lady Gets Trolled For Calling Out TBoss

Pearl Emmanuel

An attention-seeking social media user, identified as Ngozi, is being trolled on Instagram after she shared a video where she called TBoss’ baby ugly.

In the 1 minute 32 seconds video, Ngozi stressed that girls nowadays use pregnancy to tie a man down and that everyone has the right to air their opinion.

"People had their opinion they said your child is not fine and you had to make a video crying,... Are u trying to force your child on us?

"These days people just take in People that want to get married will use pregnancy to tie the man down...

"Your responsibility as a mother is not just to push a child out but to be the rock the child needs

"Childbearing is not for anyone... For you all that will risk your child's emotional wellbeing for one stupid fame or the other.

"TBoss be warned, stop putting your child through emotional trauma because u couldn't handle what you set out... You posted a picture and we had to give an opinion... Your child is ugly and if the child is ugly it's ugly," she said.

Other Instagram users did not share her sentiments and gave her an earful.

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