4 Muscle And Joint Pain Relief Tips For The Cold Weather 
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4 Muscle And Joint Pain Relief Tips For The Cold Weather 

Margaret Solace

Have you ever experienced muscle ache during the cold weather or when you come out of an air-conditioned room? The cold weather can cause tighter muscles and joints; hence, the aches.

Muscles are forced to work much harder during cold or mildly cold weather. It is normal to feel soreness for a few days after exercise if you are a new starter or you've had a long break from exercising.

Here are things you can do to relieve joint and muscle pain during the cold weather.

1. Dress for the cold

During the cold weather or if you think you might be in an air-conditioned room for some hours, you should dress for the cold. You can switch on thick comfortable blazers or suit if it is work-related. You can also wear thick long sleeve tops with a pair of jeans if you have a casual hangout to attend. You should also wear socks before sleeping.

2. Use heat pads

You might need to use heat pads on affected parts. You need to heat up the muscles and joints since they are cold. You can also try the local way - put a small towel or washcloth inside a bowl of hot water and gently massage the areas. Follow this with a hot ointment.

3. Try light cardio exercises

Staying in a place can make things worse for muscle pain. You might need to try walking, jogging or something similar to raise your core temperature and ensure that oxygen and blood are flowing through your body. You can do things like push-ups, lunges, and bicycle crunches.

4. Have a warm bath

This will regulate your body temperature if you have been out in the cold for a long time. You can take a cup of hot tea or coffee.

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