6 Types Of Relationships

6 Types Of Relationships

Margaret Solace

There are different types of relationships in the world today. A relationship does not have to be with one person. It could be romantic or platonic. Love and emotions might be involved and they might not be.

You have to find someone with the same kind of attraction or needs as yours that you can start a relationship with. Here are the types of relationships you should know:

1. Polygamous relationship

This is when a partner decides to see as many persons as they like. They usually have a primary partner, a secondary partner, and the list goes on and on. The best way to achieve this is when there is a mutual understanding, honest and effective communication between the parties involved.

2. Monogamous relationship

This is a romantic relationship a person has with one sexual/romantic partner. This is more traditional and common. It involves just one partner and it often leads to marriage.

3. Long-distance relationship

This is the kind of relationship someone has with a partner who is far away. Such a relationship survives on communication, trust, understanding and love.

4. Friends with benefits

This type of relationship involves casual sex between platonic friends who feel they should fulfil their sexual urges. This does not involve any kind of feelings or emotions. All they have is their friendship.

5. Open relationship

This allows both partners to share sexual intimacy with other people besides them. Both partners will agree on this, as anything outside this can be categorized as cheating. They could have other sexual partners but only one romantic partner.

6. Asexual relationship

This simply means a romantic relationship without any sexual activity. Both partners choose to date without sex.

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