9 Common Habits That Can Harm Your Heart

9 Common Habits That Can Harm Your Heart

Margaret Solace

Just like the lungs, the heart is a major internal organ that helps in pumping blood. It is important to know what habits are harmful to the heart. Keeping your heart healthy is the most important thing, and since you cannot see your heart, you might not know when there is a problem until it starts to give you signs. But it might be too late. So, it is best to prevent a heart problem.

These are common habits that might cause a heart problem.

1. Sitting all-day

When you sit all day, you might be at risk of having a stroke and heart attack even if you exercise. Prolonged sitting can lead to obesity, high blood pressure and increased likelihood of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. You can take walks in between to prevent these things from occurring.

2. Not getting enough sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to heart diseases. Sleep for eight hours each night. If you wake up with a sore throat or your partner complains of heavy snoring, you might need to check yourself. Not all snoring is linked to heart diseases, but not getting enough sleep can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

3. Stress

Anxiety, worry and stress can slowly lead to a heart attack. This is because you constantly make yout heart beat abnormally and you break out in sweats.

4. Not flossing

This may seem funny but not flossing or taking care of your teeth can lead to heart diseases and other diseases.

5. Smoking

The chemicals in cigarettes damage how your cardiovascular system functions. This increases your risk of atherosclerosis, a disease which causes a waxy substance, called plaque, to build up in the arteries, causing them to narrow and harden.

6. Being overweight

Being overweight can lead to heart disease. Seek the help of a dietician or nutritionist on what to eat to keep your diet in check.

7. Overindulging in alcohol

Alcohol is not bad but it becomes bad for your health if you take too much of it or if taking it becomes a habit. This could lead to cardiovascular problems. Drinking can have a toxic effect on your whole life and can even affect the genes you pass to your children.

8. Too much salt

Foods high in sodium can also be linked to heart diseases.

9. Indulging in processed meat

When you eat too much red and processed meat, you are at risk of having cardiovascular problems.

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