BBNaija Star, Alex Unusual, Narrates How She Slayed On Her Birthday
Alexandra Asogwa

BBNaija Star, Alex Unusual, Narrates How She Slayed On Her Birthday

Pearl Emmanuel

BBNaija star, Alexandra Asogwa, also known as Alex Unusual, has narrated how she was able to slay on her birthday even though she could not get her outfit ready and in time for her special day.

According to the reality TV star, she wanted a suit for her 24th birthday shoot but it was delayed. The intervention of her friends and fashion designers who worked tirelessly to make the shoot happen was what saved her.

Read the full gist, as narrated by Alex Unusual on her Instagram page:

"Let me tell you a story. So I was very reluctant about things concerning my birthday. All the plans for the shoot, I left to @medlinboss Last year, she met me have my way with a blue Barbie look and she had her way with a green queen look.

“This year my way was a suit way but unfortunately, my suit didn’t make it in time so I cried and didn’t want to post anything or even have a shoot.

“@medlinboss took it upon herself to make sure I was happy, she contacted @africcana who has magical fingers and with absolutely no adjustments, surprised with an outfit and she (@medlinboss ) made sure I smiled throughout the shoot..................................

“@tyoyinoza who is another person that Can’t sleep if I’m sad, she contacted @firstladyng and in a day, I had my second outfit ready which was another surprising plan.

“You won’t believe how loved I felt. @firstladyng a nursing mother even stayed all day to make sure everything went well..........................

“@karenstouch (my make up artist ) We were initially mad at each other as we went to the same university and have worked together in the past but we were avoiding talking about it till we bumped into each other and I was forced to bring it up.

“We cleared all there was to clear and here we were with my face all glammed up.....................

“@dvreloaded (my hairstylist) I heard something about him that offended me and unlike me., I didn’t confront him or ask questions. I guess it’s one of those things I tried to force myself to learn but I’m not sure it’s doing me any good because I was feeling so bad for not saying how I felt and even said I won’t work with him again till Medlinboss ( chief of confrontation) Called both of us and everything was settled and I realized, “I should have just talked about it like I usually did and let it go instead of holding back and hurting for nothing. Now during this shoot, he was patient with me and styled my hair to perfection and danced while at it 😂. He even changed accent but couldn’t keep up 😂..................

“Instagram will soon tell me to stop typing so let me just carry it over 😂. If you don’t like long epistles, it’s İnstagram, kindly scroll 😒😒. #alex24

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