Read Jaywon’s Advice To Women Who Can’t Cook 

Read Jaywon’s Advice To Women Who Can’t Cook 

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian singer, Jaywon, has said that it is important for an African woman to know how to cook because no man wants to marry a woman who cannot.

This subject has become a cause for debate, following the recent advice of Pastor Adeboye to prospective husbands.

According to Jaywon, it is mandatory for a woman to learn how to cook and take care of the house regardless of whether cooks or maids are hired.

Perhaps he was referring to Toke Makinwa's earlier statement that men should “make enough to hire a chef.”

The singer wrote on his Instagram page:

"Anybody can cook, but believe me, nobody wants to marry a woman that can't cook, or take care of the house…..

"Yess, we can employ a cook and housemaids but yo I see some young girls complaining and saying wetin do the men too, make them go kitchen ho cook while the wise ones that don't know how to cook has already started to take lessons on how to get better. Make you dey there dey comment up and down. Nibe lema sun. Ire ooo!!!!"

He continued: "How many men can come out proudly and say my wife doesn’t know how to cook or take care of the house? A real hustler will provide for his family and even employ maid and cook but Naaaaa we are Africans and not just African but proud YORUBA MAN (LOCAL ONE FOR THAT MATTER OO) My wife must sabi cook even if she no go cook all the time but must sabi......... DELETING SOON!!"

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