Vector Lashes Out At People Who Pray At The Top Of Their Lungs

Vector Lashes Out At People Who Pray At The Top Of Their Lungs

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian rapper and songwriter, Olarenwaju Ogunmefun, famously known as Vector the Viper, has taken to social media to address churchgoers.

According to him, individuals who scream at the top of their lungs when praying are selfish because they think by raising their voices, their prayers would be answered first.

The rapper also noted that such behaviour is not christlike but competitive.

He tweeted:

"Why the hell do people shout in church believing God would hear them more. If anything, it shows how selfish we are cos the volume increases mostly cos the individual vuvuzela wants “God” to answer him/her first. That! My brethren, isn’t Christian. That’s competition."

Some Twitter users frowned upon his post, with @nveesage noting that it is the spirit of God that electrifies such energy in people to speak at the top of their voices.

"In ur concerts nd shows people scream when u play their favourite nd ur persona on stage electrifies the energy even more, when people come to church to worship GOD u get caught up in the liberty nd joy in abundance in d house of God. The spirit of God electrifies the energy…" he tweeted.

See another reaction below:

"As much as i love you...Me I don't agree with this.. Ioont even know what you're saying" —@Rob_Essy

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