See Reno Omokri’s Response To A Troll
Reno Omokri

See Reno Omokri’s Response To A Troll

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian author, Reno Omokri, has responded to a troll who corrected his spelling on Twitter.

Omokri had earlier taken to his Twitter handle to explain how people get rich. He wrote:

"The rich are not rich because they work harder, they are rich because they work smarter. It is like an ax. If you want an ax to cut faster and much efficiently, you don't apply more force. Instead you sharpen it. Sharpen your mind and get rich."

A troll, who seemed to think he was better in spelling, took to the author’s comment section to point out what he considered a misspelling.

"My oga don motivate sotey e don forget how to spell axe," the troll wrote.

The author was not ready to let that slide and called the troll foolish before schooling him on the British and American variants of the word “axe.”

He responded: "Dear @TonyNams96, A foolish person does not know and does not know that he does not know. Ax is a variant spelling of axe. Axe is British, while ax is the US variant. But the word foolish is the same in both British and American English."

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