Alex Unusual’s Recent Instagram Post Leaves Fans Puzzled
Alex Unusual

Alex Unusual’s Recent Instagram Post Leaves Fans Puzzled

Pearl Emmanuel

Former Big Brother Naija reality TV star, Alex Unusual, has left fans puzzled about the identity of a certain fellow she left a note for on her Instagram page.

Read her note to the anonymous person below:

"You don’t have anything, still you messed my life and you still won’t stay away from things concerning me. Causing damage everywhere and playing angel just because you feel you know my heart and you know I won’t agree to speak bad of you even when you hurt me deeply. Stop messing with my tiny heart because it changed a long time ago. Don’t push me. #youknowyourself stay away from me and everything that concerns me. You’ve taken enough from me. I’ll never let you do it again. I’m sure your friends will show you this because I blocked everything about you a long time ago. God bless you as understand that my silence isn’t weakness."

Inquisitive social media users stormed her comment section to ask who she was referring to. Some seemed quite sure, though, that the message was either meant for Ifuennada or Tobi Bakre.

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