This Is Why You Should Use Lemon On Your Skin

This Is Why You Should Use Lemon On Your Skin

Have you ever considered using raw lemon as a skincare ingredient? You should read this.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

Everyone has at least one friend (or friend of a friend) who uses, talks about using, or knows someone who uses lemon on their skin. It can be by direct application, i.e. slicing a lemon in half and rubbing it on the desired area, or maybe by using the unsaturated lemon juice to clean the skin. In any case, the practice of using lemons for skincare is so common that everyone seems to do it.

But is the frequent application of lemons actually healthy for the skin? Well, according to the research I’ve done, the answer is a definite maybe.

There are literally hundreds of sources on the internet that uphold the practice of treating skin problems with lemon, and a scant few, but highly trusted sources, that promise that doing so is a bad idea. And the issue is this; the sources that teach to NOT use lemon on your skin, make their point with science. They tell you, scientifically, why lemons are bad for your skin. On the flip side, the sources that preach that we should use lemons are often owned by people who claim to have done it themselves, and that it worked for them.

I cannot ascertain which of these is accurate, as the one-time lemon juice came in contact with my skin was when some of it splashed in my eye. I can put up some of the common arguments both sides make. So you can make something of an educated choice for yourself.

Lemons actually contain substances that are good for your skin - vitamin C, niacin, and citric acid, to name a few. These three substances are all used as ingredients in artificial skincare products, as they have exfoliating and skin lightening properties.

Lemon juice is highly acidic. With a PH level of 2, applying lemon juice on your face entails the risk of suffering irritation, or maybe even permanent damage to your pigmentation.

Lemons aren’t exactly cheap. When you consider how much a single lemon costs and how much of it is needed, as opposed to artificial skincare products, you realize that the topic of cost becomes something of an issue.

These are a few of the arguments for and against using lemons for skincare purposes. What do you think? Have I scared you off? Or do you already use lemons and have never had a problem with it?

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